Once upon a time, there was an awesome kingdom namely Wonderland. The king and the queen were so kind that all of the folk lived happily. One day in a beautiful day, all of the princesses gathered in a garden. They were having fun together with their maids. What happened there? Let’s check it out!


[The princesses are dancing together.]

Princess Alice              : Stop! Stop! Stop! What the hell are you doing here? You spoil my weekend!

Princess Bella              : So, I have to say WAW?

Princess Alice              : Hhhh… You’re so annoying! It means you have to be silent! Don’t you know      that it’s time to take a rest?

Princess Bella              : What a lazy girl! You had better look for another place to take a rest. And do you know? I think bathroom is large enough for you. Hahahahaha.

Princess Alice              : Ihhhh…. Let’s fight!

Princess Caroline         : Stop! Stop fighting! There is no use fighting here. We are sisters, aren’t we? So, why do we have to fight each other?

Princess Bella              : Hey, runny-nose girl! You are the youngest here! So, please don’t intervene our business, OK?

Princess Caroline         : Huh. You are like childish.

[Suddenly the king and the queen come]

Princess Alice              : Ssstt…! Mommy and Daddy come.

Queen                          : Good morning all!

All princesses              : Good morning!

Queen                          : How are you my little angels?

All princesses              : We are fine, Mom.

King                            : Why do your faces look so tangled?

Princess Caroline         : Dad, they have just…

Princess Bella              : Eh, no Dad. Everything’s gonna be alright. It’s right, isn’t it?

Princess Alice              : Yes Dad. Nothing happened.

Princess Caroline         : Huh. You lie.

Princess Bella              : By the way, why do you come here Mom-Dad?

Queen                          : We come here because we are going to tell you an important announcement.

Princess Caroline         : Let me know, Mom.

Queen                          : Honey, better you tell them. [Look at the king.]

King                            : OK. Let me put it this way. Yesterday we went to the physician and he told us that the condition of your mother was not good enough.

Princess Caroline         : What happens, Dad?

Princess Alice              : Hey, please don’t interrupt! It’s impolite. Let Daddy continue the story.

Princess Caroline         : I’m sorry.

King                            : The physician said that your mother had to take rest.

Queen                          : Mom and Dad have made decision. We will choose one of you to replace me.

All princesses              : What?! Become the queen?!

Queen                          : Yes. And we will inaugurate the new queen next summer. So please prepare yourselves.

Princess Bella              : What should we do, Mom?

Queen                          : You can think by yourself. We just need the beautiful one.

King                            : I’m sorry. We have limited time. Let’s go honey. I remind you all. Don’t make us disappointed, OK? Do your best!

[The king and the queen go]

Princess Alice              : Alright. Lulu. Lola. Accompany me to go to the city. I need to get the treatment.

Lulu and Lola             : Okay.

Princess Bella              : Get out of my face!

Huh, what should I do now?

Princess Caroline         : In my opinion what Mom said is not about the beauty of your appearance. But….

Princess Bella              : I don’t care. The main point I have to be better than her. And for you! [Point Princess Caroline] Go into the castle and do your duty!

Princess Caroline         : Hhhhh. Annoying!

Lala                             : Ehem. Excuse me Princess Bella.

Princess Bella              : Yeah?!

Lala                             : I think you have been beautiful enough but your dress isn’t fashionable.

Princess Bella              : Pardon?

Lala                             : I just want to say that you need a little touch.

Princess Bella              : Hmmm. You are right. Do you have any suggestion?

Lala                             : Don’t worry, Princess. I have prepared the most stylish dress from the recommended designers.

Princess Bella              : Let me see!

Lala                             : Dear ladies, come in please.

[The models come]

Princess Bella              : Wow! It’s great!

Lala                             : You may choose what you want.

[Suddenly the witch comes]

Witch                          : Excuse me, oh beautiful lady.

Princess Bella              : Please don’t disturb me!

Witch                          : Hhhh. What an arrogant girl! Just wait and see! I’ll make you regret. Hahaha.

Why are you so busy choosing the dress?

Princess Bella              : Of course to beautify my appearance. What’s wrong?

Witch                          : It doesn’t help you!

Princess Bella              : What do you mean? Do you mock me?

Witch                          : No. I just want to tell you about a magic apple.

Princess Bella              : What? A magic apple?

Witch                          : It can make you be the most beautiful girl in the world.

Princess Bella              : How can I get it?

Witch                          : Just find the mysterious cave!

Princess Bella              : Hey! Don’t go anywhere! Please tell me how to find it!

Witch                          : Follow your heart! [The witch runs away]

Lala                             : Princess! Wait me!


Meanwhile Princess Alice and her maids lost their way in the jungle. They couldn’t go to the city because they didn’t have any map. What happened then? Let’s check it out!

Princess Alice              : Hey Lola! Are you sure that it is the right way?

Lola                             : Emmb. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Lulu                             : What?! Don’t say that you don’t know the way exactly!

Lola                             : It had been long time when I went to the city. So it’s normal if I forget the way.

Princess Alice              : Oh My God! What will we do now?

Lulu                             : It’s because of you!

Lola                             : Hey. Don’t blame me!

Princess Alice              : Now we ask that old woman. Excuse me. Can you help me to show the way to go to the city?

Witch                          : Why do you want to go there?

Princess Alice              : I want to get treatment to beautify my appearance.

Witch                          : Hahahaha. I can swindle her easily. Hahahaha.

It doesn’t help you!

Princess Alice              : What do you mean? Do you mock me?

Witch                          : No. I just want to tell you about a magic apple.

Princess Alice              : What? A magic apple?

Witch                          : It can make you be the most beautiful girl in the world.

Princess Alice              : How can I get it?

Witch                          : Just find the mysterious cave!

Princess Alice              : Hey! Don’t go anywhere! Please tell me how to find it!

Witch                          : Follow your heart! [The witch runs away]

Lola & Lulu                : Princess! Wait me!


In the castle, the king and the queen were gathering. And suddenly….

Lola & Lala                 : Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!

King                            : Calm down! Please tell us what happened!

Lala                             : I can’t find Princess Bella everywhere.

Lola                             : And I can’t find Princess Alice too.

Queen                          : Have you checked all of the rooms?

Lola & Lala                 : Yes, my queen.

King                            : What should we do now?

Queen                          : We can ask the help from Shinichi.

King                            : That’s good idea.

Queen                          : Guardian! Take my phone please!

Guardian                     : Yes, my queen.

[Queen dials the phone. Then Shinichi comes.]

Shinichi                       : I am Shinichi Kudo. I am 19 years old. I am the professional detective from Japan. What can I do for you, my Excellency?

King                            : Please find my daughters!

Shinichi                       : Alright. Lola. Can you tell me what happened before Princess Alice was lost?

Lola                             : At that time we lost our way in the jungle. Then we met an old woman and she told us about a magic apple from the mysterious cave.

Shinichi                       : What about you, Lala?

Lala                             : At that time we were choosing a dress. Suddenly an old woman came to us and she told us about a magic apple from the mysterious cave.

Shinichi                       : Alright. I know where they are now. They must be in mysterious cave.

Queen                          : What?! Mysterious cave? That’s very dangerous.

Shinichi                       : Shinichi. Do you want to go there with us?

[Ran Mouri comes.]

Ran                              : Shinichi!!! Where are you? I do miss you!

Shinichi                       : Oh My God! I’m so sorry my Excellency. The first I have to solve my problem with this girl. I promise I’ll help you when I am done with this girl.

King                            : It’s OK. Never mind.

Ran                              : Shinichi! I love you!

Shinichi                       : I have to go now. See you all.

King                            : OK. All of my guardians, we have to go to the mysterious cave as soon as possible.

Then the king and all of the guardians went to the mysterious cave to save Princes Alice and Princess Bella. Could they save them? And what would happen in the mysterious cave? Don’t go anywhere! Let’s see the following story. Check it out!


King                            : Hey Voldemort! Free my daughters!

Voldemort                   : Oh, it’s not easy for me to let your daughters go. We need an agreement.

Queen                          : What do you want?

Voldemort                   : I want your kingdom. Hahahaha.

King                            : You are sly!

Voldemort                   : So, what do you choose? Your daughters or your kingdom?

Princess Alice              : Daddy, don’t heed us! The kingdom is more important.

Princess Bella              : We are so sorry Mom. Dad. Because of our egoism, we are in this big problem.

King                            : Don’t worry my daughters! I’ll help you. Voldemort! Let’s fight! If I am the winner, you have to free my daughters.

Voldemort                   : And what if I am the winner?

King                            : I’ll give the kingdom and I am ready to be your servant. But please free my daughters. They are innocent.

Voldemort                   : OK. Deal.

Queen                          : Be careful, honey!

King                            : Thank you.

Witch                          : My husband, defeat him!

Voldemort                   : Of course I’ll do that.

[The king and Voldemort fought a duel. Voldemort narrow escaped from death but the witch helped him. She spelled a magic word to affect the king.]

Witch                          : Expecto Patronum! Avada Kedavra!

King                            : Oh! You cheat me!

Voldemort                   : Hahaha. Now your kingdom will be mine. And I’ll kill you right now! Hahahaha.

King                            : Hey! Don’t break our agreement!

Voldemort                   : Whatever. I’ll kill you right now!

King                            : You’re really sly!

Voldemort                   : Hahaha. Do you have the last request?

King                            : Let me talk with my family.

Voldemort                   : OK. 5 minutes!

King                            : I’m sorry, honey. I can’t be longer in this world to accompany you.

Queen                          : No!

King                            : My daughters. You are my little angles. Don’t be naughty and keep your mother, OK?

All Princesses              : Daddy!

Voldemort                   : Time is up! I’ll kill you right now! Ciaaat…

[Suddenly they heard a shooting gun. And Shinichi came with the gun in his hand.]

Voldemort                   : What’s that?

Shinichi                       : I’m coming to help you.

Queen                          : Thank you Shinichi.

Shinichi                       : You’re welcome. And you Voldemort! I’ll take you to the jail.

Voldemort                   : Oh no! I dislike jail!

[Then all of royal family came close to the king.]

Queen                          : Honey, are you OK?

King                            : I’m OK. Don’t worry.

Princess Alice              : I’m so sorry Dad.

Princess Bella              : So am I.

King                            : No. It’s not your fault. It’s my fault not tell you what we mean.

Caroline                       : Pardon?

Queen                          : OK. I’ll explain it. The beauty what we mean is not the beauty of your appearance but it’s about your inner beauty. There is no use having a good looking appearance but our attitude is bad. So your attitude is what makes you beautiful.

In the end, they went home and held a party to celebrate their victory. And they lived happily forever and ever. J


The characters

King                      :

Queen                   :

Princess Alice        :

Princess Bella        :

Princess Caroline   :

Lola                       :

Lala                       :

Lulu                       :

Shinichi Kudo         :

Ran Mouri              :

Witch                             :

Voldemort              :

Guardian 1             :

Guardian 2             :

Servant  1             :

Servant  2             :

Model 1                  :

Model 2                 :

Model 3                 :

Model 4                 :

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