The Night Butterfly

One day there was a called girl named Jessica. She was very beautiful. There were so many men who were interested in her. But long by long she felt worried with what she had done. She was confused. What happened with her? Let’s check it out!


Jessica             : [She speaks lonely] Oh God! I don’t know what I should do. Actually I’m shy doing this job. I’m shy if my parent in my hometown knows what I do up till now. But if I leave this job, I can’t live properly. Oh God, please help me!

Then Jack came in. He was a pimp. He was the leader of this whorehouse.

Jack                 : [He said arrogantly] Hi, Jessica! Don’t forget prepare yourself tonight because someone desire your service. Please don’t make him disappointed!

Jessica             : Hmmm…. Sir, excuse me. Tonight I can’t serve him.

Jack                 : Why Jessica?

Jessica             : I want to stop from this job.

Jack                 : What? Are you crazy? Do you know what you do? How can you live properly if you stop working?

Jessica             : But I’m tired must always be like this. I’m afraid of God’s torture.

Jack                 : Ssshh…. [He interrupted] I don’t care about that. The important is you must prepare tonight. Remember! The commission is so big, bigger than usual. [Then Jack went out from Jessica’s room and left Jessica who was crying.]


Demon                        : [A woman who wore a black cloth came.] Hahahaha….. Hello Jessica.

Jessica             : Who are you? How can you know my name?

Demon            : Of course I know because I’m your black side. Ha ha ha ha …..

Jessica             : What do you want?

Demon            : I don’t want anything. I just want to remind you! Don’t ever think to stop in this job.

Jessica             : Why? You don’t have right to forbid me!

Demon            : Hey! Don’t you remember who you are before this? You are nothing. Many years ago you are the poor. You must struggle to get money. But now, you can get anything easily. So why do you want to stop from this job?

Jessica             : I’m afraid of God’s torture.

Demon            : [She spit on the floor.] Bullshit about that!

Angel              : [A woman who wore a white cloth came.]Jessica! Don’t listen what she said! She wants to trap you!

Jessica             : Who are you?

Angel              : I’m your white side. Please Jessica, stop working in this sinful job. Imagine if your parent knows what you have been doing. They will be sad. Your parent wants to see their children be successful. But that’s not by this way.

Demon            : Hey, shut up! Don’t listen to her Jessica! She just will make you become poor again.

Angel              : You who must shut up! Please Jessica, listen to me!

Demon            : No! You must listen to me!

Jessica             : Shut up!!!!!!! You all go out from my mind!!!


When Jessica was crying, someone came into her room. His name was Edward and he was Jessica’s boyfriend. Jessica was shocked because she never told him where she lived. Her boyfriend never knew what her job is.

Jessica             : Edward? How can you know where I live?

Edward           : It’s none of your business! And now, I know who you are.

Jessica             : I can explain you the truth.

Edward           : Nothing must be explained! Start from now, don’t ever close me because I don’t want be infected HIV.

Jessica             : Edward…!!!Please don’t leave me! Edward…..!!! Edward….!!! Edward….!!!

Jessica felt hopeless. Then she tried to commit suicide. She took a knife and put it in her hand. Her mind was in total confusion.

Jessica             : I think had better I end my live. So I won’t feel this pain.

Jamal               : Stop Jessica! Don’t do that!

Jessica             : Who are you, dare to ask me?

Jamal               : I’m your friend, Jamal.

Jessica             : Oh Jamal. I don’t know what I should do. I’m very confused. I think God won’t forgive me. I have so many sins.

Jamal               : Don’t say like that. Trust me that God will forgive you because He is The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Jessica             : Thank you Jamal.

Jamal               : Come on. Don’t cry. Let’s pray together. I hope it can make your heart calm.

Then, Jessica left her job. Little by little she learnt about religion. She didn’t want to come back in her stupidity era. Moreover now she lives with Jamal happily forever.


Jessica (f)        :

Jack (m)          :

Angel (f)          :

Demon (f)       :

Edward (m)    :

Jamal (m)       :

Narrator (m/f) :

Taken from: Text Role Play Tajul Ulum Islamic Senior High School


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