Tips to Talk with Foreigners (especially at Borobudur)


Hello guys! What’s going on?

Have you ever been to Borobudur? Yeah, Borobudur is a strategic place to practice our English. Why? Because we’ll find many foreigners there. Why do I more recommend Borobudur than Bali? For the main reason that most of the foreigners come to Borobudur to study/learn about our culture, so it doesn’t matter if we disturb them for a while to ask anything. It would be different if we go to Bali. Most of the foreigners come to Bali for recreation. They need the private time to enjoy their vacation. It would be difficult to take their time for practicing our English. So, you can decide now where you will go.

These are some tips to talk with foreigners which I take from the provisioning before I went to Borobudur (when I was in TC Program at Basic English Course).

  1. Good preparation (mentality, physique, financial, and private need)
  2. Good grammar, pronunciation, intonation, and some vocabularies.
  3. Be creative! It means your conversation is not monotone.
  4. Prepare large view about everything. It will help you to have exciting conversation.
  5. Communicative and responsive.
  6. Don’t always ask question like interrogation or interview, but ‘take and give’ (two ways communications). Remember! We are not police/detective and they are not criminal!
  7. Relax!

And here are the common errors which often we do when practicing English:

  • What are you doing here? (It sounds like a stupid question because we have known that he/she comes here for holiday)
  • Calling ‘Mr./mister’ without name. example: Hello mister. Good morning mister. (The word ‘Mister/Mr.’ must be followed by the name. Example : Mr. John. It’s better if just call the name or we can say just ‘Sir’).
  • With whom do you come here, Jack? (It’s better you say : Who comes with you, Jack?)
  • Why do you come here, Dave? (It’s none of your business to ask the reason they come here)
  • For asking job: What are you? (It’s better you say: What do you do in your country?)
  • Do you ever come here before? (It’s better you say: Have you ever come here before?/ Have you ever been to Bali?/ Have you ever been to Asia before?)

And that’s all what can I give to you. I hope it can be useful. Chow!

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