Unforgettable Experience When We Interviewed Tourist Together

Unforgettable Experience When We Interviewed Tourist Together


On 21 may 2014, we went to one of museums in Jakarta, the museum is Fatahillah. We choose the place because it had a high historical value and of course there will be a lot of tourists who come there. It is one of our reasons because our assignment is to interview a tourist about Indonesian culture.

When we arrived at the Museum Fatahillah, we are urgently looking for a tourist to be interviewed by us and we finally saw two tourists after looking for quite a long time on a very hot afternoon. Those tourists are named Noach and Joice. It is result of our interview

W            : We

N             : Noach

W : Excuse me, sir. We are the student of an English Class and we get the assignment to talk with foreigner. Can we take your time for a moment, please?

N : Ok.

W : Let us introduce ourselves. I am Bayu, and this is Ulul, and Reza. And your name, Sir?

N : I am Noach, and this is Joice.

W : Where do you come from?

N : Holland.

W : Amsterdam ?

N : Yes.

W : Do you know Van Persie?

N : Yes, of course.

W : We like him so much. Why do you choose this place as your destination ?

N : It’s simple. I have brother here.

W : What do you think about this place ?

N : I think it’s beautiful here.

W : And hot too ?

N : Yes, but you wear jacket. Don’t you feel hot ?

W : Actually yes, but it’s ok. We are used to like this. Can we take a picture together ?

N : Of course.

W : Thank you, Sir.

N : Ok.

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