Something About Myself

Hi there! I just want you know my profile. This is it!

I’m Bayu, from Indonesia. But I like you call me Maz Bay. Why ‘Maz Bay’? It’s none of your business.

I was born on 25 of May, 1994. I can speak any language such as English, French, Arabic, Indonesian, Javanese, and so on. But my level is still Basic. So please don’t speak in Intermediate or Advance level. I must be confused.

I’m an ordinary man with the extraordinary dreams. Everybody has a dream. So do I. To reach our dream we only need to know it. Believe it. And reach it. Trust me! It works!

Here, in my blog, I just want to share what I got when I was in Pare. Do you know Pare? It’s the most famous village in Indonesia. Why? You can look for the info in Google by yourself.

My education backgrounds are:

– TK Nurul Islam

– SDN Bintara VI

– MTs Tajul Ulum

– MA Tajul Ulum

– PP Sirojuth Tholibin

Basic English Course

– FIT Center

– Gunadarma University

That’s all what I can tell. Let’s enjoy my blog. And see you!

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